Eleonora Penza

Having grown up on English-language TV series and always been a passionate traveler, I found my perfect world as a freelance professional who works with professionals, companies, and translation agencies worldwide without geographic or time limits.

I am the right person for you if:

  • You need meticulous translations from English into Italian or editing of texts that have already been translated
  • You are looking for a reliable, qualified professional with years of study and specialized training
  • You want to count on a professional who understands your needs
  • You want to be sure you get accurate, high-quality work

My solid linguistic and cultural skills and thorough knowledge of my fields of expertise equip me to give you quality, professional translations of technical and scientific texts from English into Italian

If your document has been translated but you would like someone to edit it carefully for an extra quality check, please get in touch. I am a genuine word nerd, a queen of punctuation, and a dedicated detective of spelling mistakes!
I translate in the following fields: tourism, marketing, biomedicine, cosmetics, nutrition, food, audiovisual, and energy and environment. I am extremely well-equipped to take on both creative projects and texts for which precision and accuracy are essential. 
I use professional computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools to ensure lexical and terminological consistency in every text. 

Further attesting to quality and professionalism: I am an associate member of AITI, the Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters (membership no. 220023) as well as a ProZ.com Certified member in the English to Italian language pair.


  • After receiving my BA (Hons) in Foreign Languages and Cultures (Roma Tre University) and my MA (Hons) in Literary and Technical-Scientific Translation (University "San Pio V" - now UNINT), I took a 1-year postgraduate course in Specialized Translation EN>IT at the ICoN Consortium (Universities of Pisa and Genoa), which gave me a solid background for translating scientific texts, especially in the biomedical and environmental fields.
  • During my undergraduate studies, I won an Erasmus scholarship and studied abroad at the Faculty of Languages at the Manchester Metropolitan University in Manchester (UK), which immersed me completely in British culture and let me learn first-hand all the expressions and idioms that can only be fully assimilated by living in a foreign country.
    My experience abroad was so inspiring and powerful that after I finished my Master degree, I decided to fly back to Manchester to work as an in-house English to Italian translator for an international company in the fields of tourism and marketing.
  • The rest came naturally. I returned to Italy with a wealth of linguistic, cultural, and work experience. In 2009, I started working as freelance translator first in audiovisuals (translating films, TV series and documentaries with "semi-sync" for dubbing in Italian). Then I started working with translation agencies and companies worldwide, expanding my specializations.

A few facts about me

Want to know why I chose this particular job?
In addition to my passion for languages, there are three basic reasons. Translation lets me:


Each job requires extensive research (linguistic, industry specific, etc.) so I am always learning something new.

Challenge myself

Every project is different and has its unique difficulties as what might work for one culture may be wrong for another.

Enjoy variety

As I can work on diverse projects in the same period, I am sure to never get bored.

Like every self-respecting professional, I love keeping always up to date and always improving and growing. This is why I continue to work on my lifelong professional education by attending translation courses and workshops, as well as often taking part in industry fairs and conferences to find out about the latest news and expand my technical terminology.

Some of the many courses I have attended recently were about:

  • Pharmacology (pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics)
  • Medical translation
  • Pharmaceutical translation: brochures and education material
  • Clinical terminology
  • General pathology
  • Marketing for translators and interpreters
  • SEO and translation for tourism

I have also attended conferences about translation and my specializations, including:

  • Translator's Day (Pisa, Italy, 2018)
  • 4th National A.P.E. Conference NGO (sector: gynecology - Rome, 2018)
If you think I might be the right translator for you, please do not hesitate to contact me for further information or for a free custom quote.
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