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I translate from English to Italian in the following fields:

  • Tourism (travel guides and flyers, informative brochures, hotel descriptions and cultural sites, exhibition presentations and events);
  • Marketing (advertising, catalogues, newsletters, business presentations and press releases);
  • Biomedicine (scientific articles, EPARs, informed consents, package leaflets and patient education materials);
  • Nutrition (articles and blog posts, food labeling, food supplements, eating disorders and food intolerances);
  • Cosmetics (product launches and descriptions, advertising, luxury articles, organic cosmetics);
  • Food (recipes, menus, culinary events, food blogs and cooking shows);
  • Energy and environment (pollution, renewable energies, safety data sheets, environmental sustainability);
  • Audiovisual (movies, TV series, documentaries and cartoons).

The rate for EN>IT translation varies based on the type of text and is usually calculated per source word.

Upon request, I may translate texts in other industries after evaluating the material to be translated. However, to ensure consistent top quality, I do not translate highly technical legal, economic or IT texts as they do not fall within my fields of expertise.


I offer an editing service to review grammar, syntax and terminology of already translated texts in my fields of expertise to ensure they are free of terminology and spelling mistakes, misinterpreted sentences or typos.

I compare the source and target texts to make sure the translation is smooth and consistent in terminology and lexical choices, considering subtle nuances of meaning.

I always take into account the cultural context while editing so, if needed and upon your request, I can adapt it to make sure the content is appropriate and effective.

The rate for EN>IT editing varies based on the type of text and the translation quality and may be calculated either per source word or on an hourly basis (rounded to the nearest hour).

Like for translation, upon request, I may agree to edit texts in other industries after evaluating the material. However, to ensure consistent top quality, I do not edit highly technical legal, economic or IT texts as they do not fall within my fields of expertise.


If your text was written directly in Italian (not translated from English), I can check it with special attention to style, punctuation, typos and layout to make sure your message is clear and correct, including in its grammar and syntax.

The rate for Italian proofreading is calculated on an hourly basis (rounded to the nearest hour).


I also offer localization, i.e. translating and adapting a text, a product or a website to the Italian culture, taking into consideration factors like cultural nuances, idiomatic expressions, units of measurement and currencies. Localization goes one step further than translation to completely fit the context of specific linguistic, socio-cultural and market demands.

The rate for EN>IT localization varies according to the type of text and is usually calculated per source word.


I am also available for transcreation, which involves a more creative type of translation, such as for slogans, advertising and promotional texts that need to have just the right impact on the audience.
Transcreation involves a linguistic and cultural adaptation is faithful to varying degrees to the source text, often far from a word-for-word translation. The text is essentially rewritten, maintaining the original message and adapting it to convey it with equal strength and impact in Italian.

Transcreation is a more creative effort, considerably more complex than regular translation. As such, my rate is generally determined based on the specific project and may be either per source word or on an hourly basis (rounded to the nearest hour).


I also offer a transcription service of Italian content from audio/video media (quoted after listening to or watching the material.) I can transcribe interviews, presentations, conferences or lessons with a single speaker or several non-overlapping speakers.

For audiovisual material only available in English to be translated into Italian, I generally ask for a copy of the transcript in the source language (if possible and available) to perform the additional translation service, calculated per source word.

I apply a surcharge if the audio is unclear or technical, for example:

  • with noisy background
  • with speakers who speak low (non-overlapping voices)
  • with poor quality or badly recorded
  • with specialized terminology (technical, medical, etc.)
There is a surcharge for all the above services for urgent requests or on weekends or holidays.
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What my clients say

  • Eleonora was hard working, diligent and dedicated; completed all tasks required on time to an excellent standard.

    - Kate M., project manager (fields: tourism, hospitality)

  • Eleonora is professional, reliable, delivers on time and does a great job! Definitely would recommend her. Thank you Eleonora!!

    - Eloisa A., project manager (fields: tourism, marketing)

  • The service and quality of translations we have received from Eleonora have been excellent in the past and I would strongly recommend her services. Accurate, thorough, creative, reliable and responsive!

    - Katherine S., project manager (fields: marketing, nutrition)

  • I can recommend Eleonora to anyone who needs a reliable Italian translator. In addition to her high language skills, her friendly attitude and great availability make cooperation with Eleonora a true pleasure. We hope to continue our great collaboration!

    - Pavel E., CEO of a translation agency

  • Eleonora, it was lovely working with you. I truly appreciate your eye for detail, your knowledge of linguistic nuances, and your sensitive approach to the source text. Thank you for patiently answering all my questions!

    - Annika N., end client (German translator)

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